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The north & south channels!

Fakarava is part of the top 5
worldwide diving spots!

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Fakarava is an atoll in the west of the Tuamotu group in French Polynesia. It is the second largest of the Tuamotu atolls. The shape of Fakarava Atoll is roughly rectangular and its length is 37 miles and its width 13 miles.

Fakarava has a wide and deep lagoon with a surface of 429 square miles and TWO CHANNELS (PASSES). The main pass to enter the lagoon, located in its north-western end, is known as PASSE GARUAE and it is the largest pass in French Polynesia; the southern pass is called Tumakohua (also known as TETAMANU). It has a land area of 6 square miles.
Dive Spirit Fakarava offers dives in the North Pass and the South Pass of Fakarava every day all year long. The outings to the South Pass are made by the day since it takes 1 hour to 1:30 by boat to go from North to South.

A unique Flora & Fauna!

Fakarava has the 3 key elements which make it one of the TOP 5 WORLDWIDE DESTINATIONS for scuba diving!
  • Transparent water with a visibility of 30+ meters
  • Diversified and abundant fauna
  • Magnificent healthy corals
Fakarava, UNESCO BIOSPHERE RESERVE, is the ideal location to see all types of marine fauna. The North channel (Garuae) is one of the most full of fishes in French Polynesia. Manta rays, sharks (Black-tip, white-tip, grey, hammerhead, tiger, silky, reef), tunas, barracudas, dolphins, schools of snappers, glasseye fishes, napoleon fishes, sea turtles, and of course a variety of multicoloured small fishes (angelfishes, damsel-fishes, surgeon-fishes, parrot-fishes, morays, lion-fishes)…

All that fauna lives on a hundreds-of-acres carpet of corals (the most beautiful corals in French Polynesia) which are perfectly healthy and where a tiny environment is hidden for macro shots amateurs and alert observers.
Fakarava Information

About Fakarava

French Polynesia

French Polynesia is everyone’s dream! You the adventurer, you the romantic, you the thrill seeker,... and of course: you the diver! Polynesia? An underwater rainbow! Polynesia has everything: deserted white-sand beaches, marvellous natural environment, spectacular seabed, welcoming inhabitants...

Turn your globe... our island, Fakarava, is there ! Right in the middle of the South Pacific region. Among all this blue colour! Half way between Chile and Australia, and 16,000 km from Europe! French Polynesia is rich of sceneries. It includes 118 islands which are grouped in 5 archipelagos very different from each other:
  • Society islands
  • Tuamotu archipelago
  • Austral archipelago
  • Marquesas islands
  • Gambiers archipelago
We chose the Tuamotu islands, and more precisely Fakarava, to settle down. This archipelago has a series of coral rings which are a true work of art. Its dives are ranked among the world Top 5! Where else could be better to settle down and to share that to others? Have a look to our photos gallery.


A pearl right in the middle of the Pacific ocean! Fakarava is located in French Polynesia, in the Tuamotu archipelago, about 450 km from Tahiti. 16 km2 of emerged lands that form a lagoon of 60km long and 25km wide. Schools of sharks, barracudas, manta rays, colourful and beautiful fishes just for you! Just like Aladdin, dive away on your magic reef coral carpet, and discover magnificent treasures! Dive Spirit knows all the secret paths!

It is not by chance that Fakarava has been classified in the BIOSPHERE RESERVE by UNESCO! This shows the one of a kind richness of this atoll’s ecosystem. Take advantage of one of the few places on the planet that combines richness of a world-class seabed and beauty of islets surrounded by magnificent beaches.

And we chose this island for our dive centre on purpose! After multiple trips to islands of different oceans... we can honestly say that... Fakarava is, for divers and non divers, heaven on Earth! We enjoy its options for accommodation. Boarding houses are cute, clean, respectful of the local culture and offer private sand beach.

Go for a bike tour, a visit of the lagoon in kayak, an adventure of snorkelling, a dive, or some hikes….Fakarava is the best concerning the art of mixing relaxing and adventurous activities!

How to get there?

To get to Fakarava, the pearl of the Pacific region, you can choose an outrigger canoe like the first Polynesian people or the frigate like the famous European explorers. You can also choose a faster way: the plane!

How to get to Tahiti - Papeete (PPT)
  • From Europe: Departures from any of the main European cities to Los Angeles with most airlines. Then Los Angeles Papeete with Air France or Air Tahiti Nui and now French Bee.
  • From North America: Departures from any of the main North American cities to Los Angeles. Then Los Angeles Papeete with Air France or Air Tahiti Nui or French Bee. There also the option of flying through Honolulu with Hawaiian Airlines.
  • From South America: Departures from any of the main South American cities to Santiago de Chile with Lan Chile, transit in Easter island then Papeete.
  • From the Pacific region: Departures from Australia or New Zealand with Air New Zealand. You can also depart from New Caledonia with Air Calin or the Cook islands with Air Tahiti.
  • From Japan: Departure from Tokyo with Japan Airlines.
Finally, how to get to Fakarava (FAV)

Daily flights Tahiti-Fakarava with Air Tahiti. Around 1h15 of flight. If you wish to visit other islands, the Inter islands airpasses are advantageous.


Fakarava offers several boarding houses. All of them are pleasant! Dive Spirit organise free transfers for all accommodations of the North channel. Boarding houses offer to rent independent bungalows located on the familial property. Fine sand beaches, welcoming hosts, cute bungalows, clean and respectful of the Polynesian culture, local gastronomy. Half-board option, recommended, is offered by all of them.

You will like it, for sure! Here is the list of Fakarava North accommodations in alphabetical order, knowing we are at the PK 4 (kilometer point):

On-site services

  • Accommodation (boarding houses): Fakarava have several boarding houses.
  • Cafés: There are many cafés in Fakarava, including one snack at 50 meters from our Diving Center.
  • Tour of the lagoon: Some boarding houses offer some tours on the "motus" (Small islands nearby)
  • Fishing excursions: Some boarding houses offer some fishing excursions.
  • Diving: Dive Spirit Fakarava. North and South channels.
  • Shopping: Pearls, handicrafts (Hinano Pearls, Heipoe, handicraft) - Dive Spirit Fakarava shop - Supermarket & Bakery in the village.
  • Bikes, scooters and car rentals: Ask your boarding house to rent a bike, a scooter or an electric car for the day.
  • Kayak: Most boarding houses lend kayaks to their customers.

Useful tips

Some friendly tips before your departure!

Climate: The Tuamotu islands are the sunniest islands of French Polynesia, and even though it is possible to get some rain or storms during the wet season, it should not bother your stay (it rarely rains like in Tahiti or Asia). The French Polynesia, most especially the Tuamotu islands, are a pleasurable destination all year round.
  • Wet season : From November to April. Air temperature between 24º and 31º. Sea temperature between 28ºC and 29ºC.
  • Dry season : From May to October. Air temperature between 21°C and 28°C. Sea temperature between 26ºC and 27ºC.
Your luggage: A swimsuit, a pareo (sarong) and a tee-shirt will be sufficient! You could add a light sweater for evenings, a beach towel, a mosquito repellent and sunscreen.

Currency: The local currency is Pacific Franc CFP (XPF). The exchange rate between Euro and the Franc is fixed (1€ is equivalent to 119.33 CFP). Banks located in Tahiti or in the airport carry out currency exchange operations. Warning: Not all housing facilities, shops or service providers accept credit cards. Enquire when you book! You can find automated teller machines (ATM) in Tahiti, on the main islands and on Fakarava. Warning: International credit cards such as VISA or Mastercard often have withdrawal limits (300€ per week). Ask your bank to increase your weekly withdrawal limit. Keep some cash with you as well.

Dive Spirit Fakarava accepts cash (XPF, EUR, USD) and credit cards VISA, MASTER. We also send emails with secure payment links.

Formalities: All visitors must have a passport. It must be valid for 6 months after the return date. French citizens do not need a visa. Neither do European citizens if the stay lasts less than 3 months. For the other countries, please enquire from a French Consulate or your travel agency. For travellers transiting in United States, an electronic passport and ESTA are mandatory.

Vaccine: No specific vaccine is mandatory for French Polynesia Good news: No Malaria in French Polynesia!

Local time: French Polynesia time is GMT - 10.

Internet: Internet is quite expensive and the speed is quite slow. You can connect to internet in some hotels and lodgings. Free Wi-Fi is available at Dive Spirit Fakarava!

Phone: French Polynesia phone country code is: +689. If you wish to call your family during your stay, you can buy in Tahiti a prepaid phone card, valid for phone booths and fixed phones. Mobile phone: Ask your network provider for a international roaming. Or buy in Tahiti a prepaid SIM card, that will give you a local phone number and local tariff (available in airport shop).

Water: Tap water is drinkable only in Tahiti’s main towns and in Bora Bora. In Fakarava, we use rainwater which get filtered. It is possible to buy mineral water. The water for showers is also rainwater. To be used with moderation!

Electricity: French receptacle. 220V. 60 Hz.
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