Dive Spirit Fakarava - French Polynesia
  • Scuba Diving

    with Dive Spirit Fakarava

  • Scuba Diving

    with Dive Spirit Fakarava

  • Scuba Diving

    with Dive Spirit Fakarava

  • Scuba Diving

    with Dive Spirit Fakarava

Dive Spirit Fakarava

The Dive Center

Dive Spirit Fakarava offers a place that matches all the divers needs in a safe, relaxing & friendly place.
Dive Spirit Fakarava is located at the kilometric mark 4, close to all the boarding houses and the hotel of the North channel (Free transfers) in an oasis of relaxation
Dive Spirit Fakarava
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(+689) 40 98 41 40
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70 m² of open-aired facilities with:
  • A personal area for your own equipment
  • A separate compressor room
  • Male and female separated toilets and showers
  • A computer room to see your photos!
  • A wi-fi zone
  • A library filled with books & magazines
  • A shop with clothes, diving & snorkeling equipment
250 m² of garden along the lagoon with:
  • Hammmocks to enjoy the sunset or a well-deserved nap under palm trees’ shades
  • A meeting & relaxation area with garden chairs
All of that in a personalised decoration, respectful of the local culture.

The Team

We can’t wait to meet you and share those unique moments with you!

Dive Spirit Fakarava

A professional team at your service
Proud to share our passion, we are looking forward to welcoming you and doing everything to ensure you will enjoy your trip in the best conditions!


Diving Instructor




Diving Instructor






and friends always ready to come in support


Diving Instructor


Diving Instructor


Diving Instructor

The Boat

We own a ASTEC (European brand) semi-rigid boat. 8 meters long and 3.3 meters wide. Its capacity is of 19 divers. However we put a limit of maximum divers for for better comfort.
The motorization is powerful, the boat is equipped with 2 Yamaha engines of 150 horsepower, for maximum safety and comfort. We also have all the elements necessary and mandatory to our safety on-board.

The Equipment

We believes that safety is essential. Dive Spirit Fakarava chose to be a Scubapro SEA centre. All the basic equipment needed is included in the price of the dive. But if you wish to complete it, we offer a range of supplementary accessories.
  • 15L Scubapro steel tanks, for an air supply more than enough
  • Wetsuit (shorty) from XS to XXXL (The average water temperature is 28°C)
  • Full on wetsuit from XS to L for those who are more sensitive to cold (during the coldest month, the water is still around 26ºC!)
  • Diving masks! Aaaah, the diving mask! It always causes troubles when it is not your own. This is why we provide 3 types of masks: for small, medium and large faces. You will find the one that fits the best to your shape.
  • Fins from eurpoean size 26 to 47.
  • T-One Scubapro jacket from size XS to L as well as children sizes.
  • MK2-R295 regulators equipped with a pressure gage and an emergency regulator (octopus).


This is the most important part for us and for you as well! Thus, we put together all the human, equipment, and technical elements to reduce all the risks linked to our activity.
However, some conditions specific to diving in the Tuamotu islands have influenced some of our decisions regarding safety. Fakarava is located 450km, around 1h30 by flight, from Tahiti, where the Hyperbaric chamber is with competent doctors. 6h is required for a medical evacuation. There is no doctor in the island, only nurses. In case of decompression incidents, the distance is quite important. Deep-sea diving will, then, be avoided.

Detailed briefings are done before the departure. It is your responsibility to follow the instructions so that everyone can enjoy the experience safely!
Dive Spirit Fakarava is a DAN Professional Partner. Safety first!
The safety material on board:
  • Oxygen therapy kit
  • First Aid kit
  • Phone
  • VHF
All of our instructors and pilots are regularly trained in first aid procedures.
The diving equipment (Scubapro) and the compressor (Bauer) at your disposal is brand new and from internationally renowned brands, famous for their reliability and robustness.
The boat, from European manufacturing, is approved and classified as a category B. It is equipped with 2 engines.

Scuba diving & more

Dive Spirit Fakarava

Fun dives on both Fakarava north & south channels

FUN DIVES (2 tanks)

North channel
2 tanks morning, every day
Because of the distance to the channel, the package 2-tanks (morning) is the most appropriate.

It consists of 2 dives with a break on the surface for 1 hour minimum. When possible, a break on the beach is really enjoyable.

Base schedule: 7:30am-12:30pm (double). Real schedules might vary.

FUN DIVES (1 tank)

North channel
1 tank afternoon, every day
In the afternoon, we propose only one dive (4 people minimum)

Our goal is that you will never forget all the memories and feelings you had during your stay. We propose different themes, depending on levels of experience.

Base schedule: 2pm-4pm (single). Real schedules might vary.

FUN DIVES (2 tanks)

South channel
2 tanks full day, every day (if possible)
We usually go to the North channel, but we also like going to the South channel when the weather and tide conditions are adequate and the minimum number of divers is reached.

Base schedule: 8am-4pm (double). Real schedules might vary.
With us, you will be able, for example, to learn distinguishing the different types of sharks. We are also interested in different types of smaller lives but yet, so colourful and varied that they are magnificent to watch, especially for macro photographers. Corals’ procreation, diversity and protection are also part of the themes dives that we offer.

Diving Courses

Fakarava’s conditions do not allow all types of training to be carried out. We offer training that we believe is fitted to the specific conditions of Fakarava.
Open Water: 6 dives
Advanced: 5 dives

  • Deep Diving
  • Drif Diving
  • Shark Ecology
  • Coral Identification
Open Water: 6 dives
Advanced: 5 dives

Specilties on-demand
CMAS 1 STAR DIVER: 4 dives after a recent intro diving. Minimum 2 days.

For other levels, please contact us.

Please preferably book a training 3 weeks in advance.

Discovery Dives

Fakarava: Where is a better place to make your first bubbles? Clear, warm water filled with thousands of multicoloured fishes… For us, to show someone do their first dive is always a magical experience! To see a huge smile showing up and to hear some cries of elation! It is fantastic to be able to share those first sensations with you!

Discovery Dive

It is your very first experience
If it is your first experience, a "baptism" in the coral garden in front of the centre, departure from the beach (morning & afternoon).

An economical package in which you will familiarise yourself with the equipment while having your first 3D submarine experience! You will be surrounded by fishes and coral....

Discovery Dive +

You have already done a couple of dives
If you have already done a couple of dives, and the weather is OK, we can offer a package with a trip in boat (times to be determined), in a safe area of the lagoon, in front of the channel. The area is luminous, shallow, calm, ideal for beginners.

You will get the feeling to be in an aquarium with all those multicoloured fishes, delicate and fragile corals and clear water all around you. And you may be able to see a ray or a shark that may sneak up for a visit!


Snorkelling is the perfect activity for those who don’t want to scuba-dive. All of our guides are diving instructors. They have perfect knowledge on safety in and under water, as well as on the aquatic life. For more comfort and safety, we will provide you with mask, tuba, fins and shorty. Your guide will inform you on the corals and the fishes...


2 snorkeling sites
If it is your first experience, and you don’t feel comfortable or for children, we offer an excursion in the coral garden in front of the centre departing from the beach (morning and afternoon). An Economical option that will give you the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the equipment while having your first magical experience! You will be surrounded by fishes and corals.

If you are comfortable in the water, we offer an option departing in boat (Times to be determined), in an protected area of the lagoon, in front of the channel. Departure to be confirmed according to weather and other divers. Very luminous, shallow and calm water. You will have the feeling to be in an aquarium with all those multicoloured fishes around you.

Snorkeling FAQ

Maybe some of you are wondering
Do you need to be a good swimmer? The more comfortable you are in the water, the more you will enjoy the show. But even if it is your first time snorkelling, don’t worry: We will explain everything you should know (it’s easy!), and thanks to the shorty, you’ll float anyway!

Will there be someone with you? Of course! A guide will be accompanying you at all times.

Will there be sharks? It’s possible! Sharks are not killing machines that attack everything that moves! Or I would not be here writing this! There has never been a shark attack in Fakarava! Just think that the shark is the equivalent of a lion or a giraffe in the African savannah! We are so lucky to be able to watch those fascinating animals in their natural environment!

Will there be a lot of fishes ? We are in one of Unesco Biosphere Reserves, my friend, can you imagine it? …. Well, it’s even better than that!

private diving

Dive Spirit Fakarava

Private Diving

(This service depends on availability)
Private Diving North & South channels. A boat & an instructor just for you.

Dive Sites!

Dive Spirit Fakarava

Dive Sites

There are 2 channels in Fakarava, located 60km from each other. There are not many sites but many variants (depending on the tides), within and around the North channel. You will find tens, even hundreds of sharks, manta rays, schools of priacanthus, perches, turtles, napoleon fishes... all of that with an exceptionally beautiful seabed.

The 2 channels!

Dive Spirit Fakarava organises dives everyday in the North channel. We also organise dives in the South channel when the weather allows it (around 3h00 go and back of boat), right schedule of current and the minimum number of people is reached.

In order for you not to go home frustrated, you should at least stay in Fakarava for a minimum of 3 days of diving. However, it is better to stay at least a week: that will allow you to discover the ever-changing North channel (it changes with the currents) as well as the South channel.

North channel

Garuae channel
The North channel (Garuae) is the widest channel of French Polynesia: 1600m of width. The diving sites are located within and around this channel.

Garuae channel. This dive is done by drifting, only in slack water or with inflowing current (depending on the hours of the tides and the level of experience of the divers) for a matter of safety. It starts from the external submarine wall (meetings with a wall of grey sharks, tunas, barracudas...) and ends in the canyons where live hundreds of fishes (parrot-fish, turtles, napoleon fish, glasseye fish...).

Considering the width of the channel and the different current conditions, there are a lot of variants! The dive will be different everyday!

Depending on the current conditions, this dive can be quite technical and challenging. It is recommended to be a level 2 diver or Rescue Diver minimum. But a Level 1 diver or Open Water diver with experience , no ear problem, a perfect control of his/her buoyancy, of his/her movements and a controlled air consumption could be able to do this dive.

If you have not been diving for a while, we recommend you to dive at home, in Tahiti or in the Inwards islands before diving in the Tuamotu islands. Contact us for diving clubs recommendations!

North channel - exterior

Garuae channel
The exterior of the channel: Maiuru and Ohutu. When there is an out-flowing current and the dive is not possible, those 2 underwater plateaus offer a beautiful alternative. The swim happens on the plateau, all along the submarine wall. A magnificent exhibition of corals rich of fauna (barracuda, tunas, sharks, manta rays, school of paddletail snappers...). These dives are accessible to divers of all levels of experience.

North channel - inside

Garuae channel
The inside of the lagoon: Pufana. Highly luminous, shallow, calm diving site; ideal for beginners. You get the feeling of being in an Aquarium with all the multicoloured fishes surrounding you (parrot fishes, turtles, angelfishes...).

South channel

Tumakohua channel (Tetamanu)
The South channel (Tumakohua) is more narrow: 200 m wide. Close to the old village of Tetamanu. The channel is located around 1h30 1 way of boat ride. The package, which has to be scheduled the day before (depending on weather conditions and tide schedule), comprises 2 dives and a lunch in the old village of Tetamanu. It lasts the whole day.

Currents are more calm and the channel is less deep than the North channel. It is accessible for all levels of experience. It is renowned for its impressive population of grey sharks and its garden of corals.

Dive Spirit Fakarava

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